Size Chart

Size Chart

Sizes Age Measurements
Height Weight Waist
6M 3-6 months 62cm – 69cm 6 – 8kg 45cm
9M 6-9 months 69cm – 74cm 8 – 9kg 46cm
12M 9-12 months 74cm – 79cm 9 – 11kg 47cm
18M 12-28 months 79cm – 84cm 11 – 12kg 49cm
2YRS 18-24 months 84cm – 92cm 12 – 14kg 50cm

Hat Size Chart

Sizes Age Measurements
Head Circumference
S 6 months 48cm
M 12 months 51cm
L 2 years 53cm


All children are special in every way, unique especially in size; therefore fit of clothes will vary from child to child. Please remember size chart is to be used as a guide only.


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