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Hayley and Cheryl

Teething is an inevitable stage in the lives of all children. Teething, as we know comes with painful gums, but an added stress can be the problem of constant dribbling, causing discomfort when garments become continuously saturated. This can then lead to respiratory infections due to chills, especially in air-conditioning or cold weather.

Until now there has been no successful solution to this very real problem. Now, two sisters Hayley and Cheryl, have designed a totally innovative range of clothing which specifically addresses this problem with a range of clothing that are both functional yet chic and sophisticated for the modern child.

Hayley and Cheryl are sisters who have both followed the same path in life. During their student days, both were involved as nannies for various Brisbane families and this was the beginning of their love for teaching younger children.

After graduating from Griffith University with a degree in Primary Education, both girls found their careers taking a slightly different path to teach Early Childhood.

In this environment both girls had a lot of contact with parents of their students and would learn all about the trials and tribulations of raising children.

One topic of conversation raised, time and time again by mothers, was the problem of children dribbling constantly when they were teething. Both teachers saw first hand children wearing t-shirts, which had been saturated through because of dribbling.

This was extremely uncomfortable for the children, especially in air-conditioned rooms when wet clothes would lead to chills and finally colds and influenza. Not to mention the added work to parents, having to change their children's clothes many times each day!

Neither Hayley nor Cheryl could understand how there was nothing available on the market to address this problem. The only items that were available were bibs and neck- ties, both of which the children found restrictive and annoying.

So the sisters did what any daughters would do asked their Dad what could be done about it! Could some kind of t-shirt be made to stop the children from getting so drenched from dribble? Of course "Dad" did what any Dad would do, listened, said "possibly" and completely forgot all about it!

Time passed, but the girls did not give up and kept harassing their poor father over the next few months. It was not until the Christmas holidays of 2013, when the girls were visiting their parents on Christmas day, that the subject came up again, while the whole family was having a relaxing day. Mum then suggested it may be wise to follow this up, as she was sure the girls were on to a good idea.

'Dad' then did his own research into possible absorbent materials which were highly absorbent yet thin enough to not be detected within a child's t-shirt. Many more discussions later the whole family became involved in designing items of clothing, which would be suitable. It was decided that the design would have to have a logo! Following a fun debate an animal with large teeth would be appropriate and so 'Baxter Beaver' was born! An artist Uncle, living in England, was then asked to come up with a suitable drawing and after some tweaking by Mum, Baxter Beaver came to life!

After finally finding a suitable material, it was not available in Australia so decisions again had to be made. Mum and Dad then set off to China to find a suitable factory to produce our designs in the quality we wanted and the specialized material which was needed to do the job.

The results of which is what is now available to you! We do hope you will like our designs, but most importantly, that you will find our clothing proves to be a useful tool in preventing your child becoming wet through due to dribbling during teething. We hope also, that your children enjoy wearing our 'Baxter Beaver' clothing range.

Please let us know your thoughts; any feedback would help us to develop even more, in this unique range of clothing!